Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dec 07

I met this fellow through facebook, where he helps moderate an interesting group on Sikh Solders.

He has been serving the CF, (regular force/ full-time), since 1990. He was a Naval Acoustics Operator. In 2003 he re-mustered ,(changed jobs), to Resource Management Support. He currently is a Master-Seaman, (I think that one of the photos to the left is a promotion pic). He is posted at a Recruiting Centre in Victoria B.C. as a processing Supervisor. This is the guy who can really help you with questions regarding intake.

He wears a white Turban because he is in the Navy, (sailors wear white caps in dress uniform). Also the colour of his dress uniform is black to reflect his arm of the forces.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Summer o7

This is BSB, he’s from 13 MP Platoon of 1 MP Unit, (from Winnipeg I believe). He’s been in the army since Jan 06 and is currently a student studying Psychology and Criminal Justice Studies.

MP stands for Military Police. Normally a solider will wear a red beret; Sikh members of the branch wear red ribbons. This is the first Turbaned Sikh MP I’ve met in the CF.