Sunday, September 24, 2006

Vigilant Guardian '06

Last month reservists all over Canada took part in their respective central area concentrations. These are basically week long exercises where reserve soldiers have an opportunity to do some prolonged training in a joint effort with other trades and other brigades. As members of the medical branch our main task is to provide medical coverage (emergency & clinical) to all the 2500 soldiers participating in the training. This exercise is a chance for reservists to spend a prolonged amount of time in the field, be exposed to unique training opportunities and for medics to be fully functional within a simulated battle setting.

For Vigilant Guardian 2006 I was tasked as the ambulance section commander for 31 Brigade’s medical unit. This is a fairly simple task provided there are no major mass casualty traumas, and fortunately there were none. The exercise went along nicely, the weather was mostly good, and the highlight for the week was working with the Bison (tank) ambulance. The look cool factor with this vehicle is definitely up there and for a quick peak at the Bison just click the link to see the video montage I put together. - RSR


Ashmith said...

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Joanne said...

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