Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kaptaan said...
Who said vegetarian is a requirement? It is well documented that Khalsa faujis never shied from eating meat if that was necessary, and in fact favoured eating a 'tharry' of wild boar.

This blog isn’t the right place to have this debate. I think most Sikhs would agree that there are far more pressing theological issues than diet.


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Gurpreet Jgd said...

Diet is important.

Your body is made up of what you eat.

Eating meat is not bad.

You should only know what you eat and what the effect on your body is.

Faujis eating meat on the battlefield is not an issue.

What may be an issue is eating meat from the supermarkets which is delivered from factory farms.

Is that meat or is that a chemical preparation that looks like meat?

Is an "animal" that has never moved from its place, held by a cage no bigger than its body, is given injections and steroids everyday, always in fear with various negative enzymes running through its body, slaughered in a ghastly manner with all kinds of blood and shouts of its "fellow" "animals" be classified as edible material?

What would your emotions be when you eat something like this?

Would they be blissful emotions?
What do you think?