Monday, December 12, 2005


This member does not want a web presence, hence the blue bar.

I am filling in his Bio and I'm sure he won't be terribly pleased by it.

I like to think of G as the snack machine. This guy always has something to eat in his pockets. I guess you need that extra engery when you're as active as he is.

He has taken full advatnage of what the army has to offer. He is a regular on CACs, Southern Drives and other joint operations. A proffessional who had opportunity to apply some of his medical skills in Banda Ache after the Tsunami.

He definitely has the travel bug. He is looking to get married, so if you know of anyone who might interested feel free to get in touch.

G feel free to add/delete/or make any changes you wish.



thekingsingh said...

As I recall, "GSD" was an expert at smuggling food into movie theatres too. This guy could probably survive for months just on the food from his pockets, if he was ever somehow trapped in a theatre.

Anonymous said...

This blog has not helped me find that elusive life partner! So DSB I think you need to revamp my bio! Perhaps the "no web presence" has to be re-thought! ;)

CFSIKH said...


Get some images needed.