Monday, December 12, 2005


DSB: A little too pretty here....

RSR: It all started at the back of a first year physics class where D told me about the army and his experiences with it. Prior to that I honestly didn’t even know Canada had an army. That day, I just saw the ’Canadian Forces’ shirt D was wearing (he will deny ever owning such a shirt) and after 50min I was totally convinced. Then, two days later I was at a recruiting centre ready to save the world from commies or terrorists or international drug cartels or something. Seriously though, what better (or more adventurous) way for an undergrad student interested in medicine to earn some coin than being a medic in the reserves.

I didn’t really think I would stick around for more than a year but now, almost eight years later, the friends and unique employment opportunities have managed to keep me around. Overall, my experience with the army has been overwhelmingly positive I have met a lot of interesting people and almost all of them have shown an earnest interest in the turban and Sikhism. Further to that, I have yet to experience institutionalized discrimination, or prejudice beliefs shown by any of my superiors in the army.

Outside of the army I am a third year medical student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

DSB: RSR is looking for a woman to complete him. If you are, (or know a gal who might be), the one who can be the wind beneath his wings get in touch.

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