Monday, December 12, 2005

No Meat for You

RSR: Being a vegetarian in the army has been a very small inconvenience as the army is quite accommodating. To day the highest rank to ever had deliver me a vegetarian meal is a Major. (Some may dispute this and say it was L. Colonel but they are just exaggerating). Oh, and the new vegetarian instant meals are quite good.

DSB: Getting a Veggie meal is not guaranteed. I often bring additional food, (granola bars, powdered soup, nuts, and seeds) to supplement my rations in the field.


Kaptaan said...

Who said vegetarian is a requirement? It is well documented that Khalsa faujis never shied from eating meat if that was necessary, and in fact favoured eating a 'tharry' of wild boar.

Anonymous said...
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CFSIKH said...

I've said it before but I'll say it again, this is not the right forum for this debate.

I think one of the main arguments is simplicity. If you have the money you don't need to live in a mansion. However, if you are caught out in the rain there is no problem spending the night there.

The same can be said about meat eating in our past, (wrt to some faujis/ soldiers). If you have nothing else to eat there is no major issue with butchering your horses and eating them.

That said the majority of Punjabis eat meat. The majority of Punjabis also do not model the Sikh way of life.

There have been debates on this before and usually the consensus is that we have better things to worry about than diet. If it sits well with you than so be it.

I personally think Guru Nanak Ji was pretty clear on this. I don't think you can go to Sri Harminder Sahib and get a tali of meat....the panth doesn't have separate codes for home life and Gurudarwara life.

If you really want to talk this through please e-mail me.