Monday, December 12, 2005

Turbans Vs. Helmet??

Helmets are tough issue to deal with; to someone in the west is might seem pretty clear cut.

Sikhs have a long history of soldiering. They have fought through India, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific. As far as I know they never wore helmets.

I’m not versed enough on Sikh theology to really go out on a limb and state a consensus view here. I can state that in my conversations I have come across people who are vehemently against it and people who don’t think it’s a major issue. I often get the line “God decides when you die, wearing a helmet will not change your destiny”, (I paraphrased that by the way).

In India there are 1000s of Sikh soldiers who are regularly in operational conditions. They do not wear helmets. In fact Sikhs do not wear helmets in any job in India; not for motorcycles, not on construction sites etc…

I personally don’t like wearing a helmet…they are not the most comfortable things to put on. I do however wear one. I tie a dastar, (a touch smaller than I normally would), and place the helmet over top.

The other Sikhs I’ve come across in the CF wear helmets over their Turbans or Patkas. No helmet = no CF service.


Pulling and patching while eating cantaloupe, a great day.

Usually I tie a small dastar and wear a helmet on top. If I’m doing a lot of activity I’ll tie a patka.

This picture was taken during a break in my JNCO. It was hot; you can see how the sweat has ruined my cam.

In this one you can see my smaller dastar… a ‘goal pug’. That’s what I usually wear in the field.


SikhsRus said...

great pictures! I saw your comments on shinda blog. On your helmet question, actually Khalsa Sikhs have worn helmets during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's rule. It is a mettalic piece and dastar went over it. I don't remember the exact website now, but if you google something like "asian arts museum" or Exhibition of Sikh kingdom that was held in 200o throughout north america. The helmet was displayed in it.

singh said...

No helmet no CF ? That sounds wrong, I was talking to a corp the other day and he said you are ok without a helmet (im a kesdhari sikh as well) then he sent me a big pdf file that had special instructions for sikhs and how to tie the turban so u can put, that colorful band across the dastar, etc. I distinctly remember telling him that if i were to join i would never wear a helmet and if i would be accomodated he said i would. And realistically one should.

CFSIKH said...

He lied.

You will have to wear helmets. Most will wear them over smaller dastars or patkas.